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Learn How to Clean Your AR-15 the Right Way: Part 1 [VIDEO]

Cleaning your rifle is what keeps it running and in top shape.

The AR-15 pattern rifle is a very simple and easy rifle to use and maintain. There are very few moving parts, but you need to make sure to clean those parts when needed.

If you are new to the AR-15, chances are you don’t really know what all you have to clean and how to do it. There can be so many little things you might be afraid to do for fear of breaking your expensive rifle.

Enter the guys from Fire Mountain Outdoors, who definitely know what they are doing.


From pulling the pins to cleaning the bolt carrier group, the process is really pretty simple.

Our next installment show the rest of the cleaning process and how to put the rifle back together so you can make it dirty all over again.

Because after all, cleanliness is next to godliness. Or something like that. At least that’s what my Grandmother used to try to tell me.

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Learn How to Clean Your AR-15 the Right Way: Part 1 [VIDEO]