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Learn How to Chop Wood Like a Machine [VIDEO]

Check out this trick to chop wood to save yourself time, energy, and your back.

Chopping wood is one of those tasks that very few enjoy. It is very labor-intensive and time-consuming work that wears you out quick. Here is a new trick to chop wood that will save you some effort.

This guy has an amazing setup to chop wood that will blow your mind. Watch as he quickly splits a log in less than a minute into nice, neat pieces ready for the fire.

I don’t know if he came up with this idea originally or not, but regardless, it is genius. This is definitely one of those life hacks that everyone should know about.

Luckily, I have a few tires behind my garage I was about to throw out. Instead, they will be reused for when I have to chop wood for the stove in my garage.

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Learn How to Chop Wood Like a Machine [VIDEO]