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Learn These Basic Turkey Box Call Tips from Outdoor Alabama

Learn turkey calling basics by effectively using a box call to get the birds into shotgun range this season.

The first turkey call I nailed was using a box call, this is the same I suspect for almost all other newcomers to turkey hunting. The box call is likely one of the most versatile calls you can get, allowing you to do pretty much all the sounds a live hen does from a cut, cackle, yelp, whine and purr. You can achieve these calls in a wide range of notes and volume, depending on technique and pressure.

Have a look at this great tutorial on how to effectively use a box call from Outdoor Alabama and get your box calling down right.

The box call is a great hunting tool, and a well-made one is a work of craftsmanship in its own right. The best are simple to use and easy to maintain with a bit of chalk.

Outdoor Alabama offers these tips on the use of a box call to get turkeys in range this season. Practice your box call use, get out scouting, and you’ll set yourself up for a successful turkey hunting season this spring. Staying practiced is the key to great hunting.

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Learn These Basic Turkey Box Call Tips from Outdoor Alabama