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Lead Ammunition is Under Attack: Know Your Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

Lead Ammunition Under Attack

Lead ammunition is under attack. The National Shooting Sports Foundation has put together a fantastic infographic that explains why non-hunters need to know the facts.

There is no clear consensus that non-lead ammunition is better for humans, wildlife, or habitat. As the debate over using lead-based ammunition continues, it’s important that all sides know the facts. That’s the only way an informed decision can be made.

NSSF points out that alternatives to lead ammunition are not readily available. Keep in mind that sales of ammunition generate important revenue for conservation. The Pittman-Robertson Act levies an 11% excise tax on ammunition. The states use these funds to manage wildlife and habitat.

Lead Ammunition Uder Attack

Much of today’s funding for wildlife management comes from hunters buying licenses and tags. More expensive non-lead ammunition will drive hunters away. This will lead to a decrease in funds for wildlife management.

Know your facts on banning lead ammunition to make an informed decision.

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Lead Ammunition is Under Attack: Know Your Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]