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Lawmaker Proposes Drone Ban for Hunting and Fishing in Illinois

CBS Chicago

Those looking to use drones for hunting and fishing in Illinois may have to face a potential ban proposed by a lawmaker. 

State Senator Julie Morrison, a northern suburban lawmaker, proposed legislation that would make hunting and fishing drone use illegal in Illinios.

Morrison was quoted in a statement about her proposal saying, "Let's keep the man --or woman--in outdoorsman," emphasizing the importance of a drone-free hunting environment.

Tim Brass a spokesman for Backcountry Hunters and Anglers told reporters about hunting and fishing with drones saying, "We think it gives the hunter an unfair advantage."

If approved, the proposal would allow Department of Natural Resources to confiscate drones being used for any type of hunting and fishing in Illinois. Those who violate the proposed Illinois hunting and fishing policy could be forced to pay $2,500 in fines and face one year in jail.

Alaska, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, and Wisconsin have already outlawed hunting and fishing drone activity. Michigan lawmakers recently approved a drone ban, similar to the proposed Illinois hunting and fishing legislation, but the measures are awaiting approval from the governor. New Hampshire and Vermont have been considering similar drone bans.

Before they get outlawed everywhere, check out this drone video.

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Lawmaker Proposes Drone Ban for Hunting and Fishing in Illinois