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Lawmaker Charles Busby Had Close Call Hunting Before Session

Charles Busby, a Mississippi lawmaker, was out hunting before a session meeting and he almost didn’t make it out of the woods. 

Charles Busby was hunting with a friend and his cousin before a session meeting, when a creek halted their adventure.

The group was hunting in Clark County near Quitman when Charles Busby and his cousin approached a rapidly flowing creek. Charles Busby had crossed the creek earlier, but recent rains made the water more volatile as his cousin attempted to ford the creek in his kayak.

After Charles Busby witnessed his cousin’s vessel capsize, he waded out to help him. The two men ended up clinging to trees in the chilly water as their friend called for help. Charles Busby joked about his friend’s decision, “He was smart enough not to get in the water. The current was really ripping through there. We were in about eight feet of water.”

According to Charles Busby the rescue workers arrived on the scene after he and his cousin has been in the water for close to two hours. They were taken to the Quitman hospital and both men have made full recoveries.

Charles Busby’s fellow lawmakers were glad he’s alright after the hunting incident. Still they gave him a hard time after Busby told them he had to borrow dry underwear from fellow representative William Shirley.

Representative Scott DeLano even went so far as to hold up a life jacket on the House floor along with a safety booklet from the Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks at the session meeting the following day.

Image via Clarion-Ledger

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Lawmaker Charles Busby Had Close Call Hunting Before Session