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Law May Allow Bow Hunters in Nevada to Carry Handguns


Bow hunters in Nevada may be able to carry handguns into the field if John Ellison's policy change takes effect.

Current law in Nevada dictates bow hunters caught carrying any kind of firearm into the field will receive a misdemeanor violation, but that could soon change.

A proposed revision to the bow hunting regulations is under way that would allow bow hunters in Nevada to carry handguns for self-defense purposes.

Nevada assemblymen John Ellison feels that bow hunters are at a disadvantage when it comes to encountering wild animals in the field such as mountain lions, snakes, and badgers. He argues that bow hunters need the kind of protection only handguns can provide.

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Although the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) feels handguns make bow hunting far less challenging, it sees the value in keeping bow hunters protected. For many years NDOW has received questions regarding this topic, and when news broke of Ellison's idea to change the archery bill, Ellison received much support from the NDOW and fellow lawmakers.

He told reporters: "They want to make an agreement that if I drop the bill, they will remove the restrictions on carrying a weapon."

For Ellison this issue goes beyond hunting;

To me it is a Second Amendment issue. Why would you not want the right to protect yourself?

The proposal would allow bow hunters to carry handguns of any caliber into the field, barring guns with barrels longer than eight inches and those with scopes.

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Law May Allow Bow Hunters in Nevada to Carry Handguns