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What In The Heck Is A Lavender Crab?

A strangely colored crab turned up in a recent Japanese seafood haul.

A Japanese seafood wholesaler found this purple-ish king crab while sorting through a shipment of regular king crabs. According to the company’s president Kenetsu Mikami, this is the first time he has seen a crab of this color in 25 years.

“It could be a good omen,” he says.

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Perhaps it is, but really who’s to say. The company put the lavender crab on display on their website, either way. Despite its curious color, the crab seems to be completely normal, although it doesn’t look like anyone will be eating it. In addition to displaying it on its website, the company has set the brightly colored lucky charm in a comfy tank for him to continue his days in.

According to RocketNews, biologists in Hokkaido say that the cause of the coloration could be “the effect of its diet or possibly a mutation causing a lack of pigment.”

Strange, but still not the craziest thing we’ve seen come from under the sea.

Have you ever seen a crustacean like this? More importantly, would you eat it? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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What In The Heck Is A Lavender Crab?