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Laura Ann Foshee Becomes First Female to Earn Bass Fishing Scholarship

Laura Ann Foshee is making waves in the world of bass fishing. 

Laura Ann Foshee is your typical all-American high school girl. She is a senior at Gardendale high school in Alabama, and was actually just awarded a scholarship to the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) for bass fishing.

Yes. Bass fishing.

You see, she is considered one of the best young bass anglers in the United States.

With this signing offer from SCAD, Foshee has become the first female in history to be awarded a bass fishing scholarship to any university. Before this honor, she was also listed as the only female out of 12 anglers selected for the Inaugural Bassmaster HS All-American Fishing Team, which was announced this past June.


“I am very excited to have Laura Ann Foshee joining our SCAD Fishing Program for Fall 2016 on our women’s fishing team,” said Isaac Payne, her new head fishing coach at SCAD in a recent interview. “Foshee is such a great person and a talented angler that does so much to give back both on and off the water. She has inspired many people throughout her high school fishing career and has helped pave the way for women in fishing as the sport continues to evolve.”

With her multiple top 10 finishes in high school tournaments all over the country, watching her achieve these honors were destined to happen.

Not only is Foshee an incredible bass fisherman, she also has an incredible heart. In her spare time, she helps with the Outdoor Ability Foundation, an organization which helps equip fishermen and hunters who have disabilities.

No matter where Foshee takes her fishing career after she leaves SCAD, I think we all can agree that her arrow is only pointing up.

Images via Facebook/lafoshee

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Laura Ann Foshee Becomes First Female to Earn Bass Fishing Scholarship