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The Latest on Missouri’s Elk Restoration Project [VIDEO]

Reta Barkley/MDC

The Ozark Hills are alive again with the sound of bugling, thanks to a growing elk herd.

Not since the late 1890s were wild elk roaming the Show Me state. Thanks to a collaborative effort that includes the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC), the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife, Missouri now boasts an elk population numbering around 120 animals.

I was able to visit recently with the MDC’s Elk Restoration Project Manager David Hasenbeck regarding highlights of the restoration program so far.

Hear what he had to say in the clip below.

It’s gratifying to know that a once indigenous animal is back on its old stomping grounds.

According to David, if the herd continues to grow as they expect, the first elk tags could be issued to Missouri residents as soon as 2018 or as late as 2021.

Whenever the first season is, I plan on having my name on that list!

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The Latest on Missouri’s Elk Restoration Project [VIDEO]