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Boarbuster: The Latest In Hog Trapping Technology

This incredible new remote activated hog trap by Boar Busters is the latest in hog trapping technology and is perfect for dealing with your hog problem!

Got a hog problem? Well, with this new hog trap being produced by Boar Busters, you will be able to quickly eradicate your hog population.

This new hog trap design is not only remote activated, but it is suspended above the bait. Since hogs are not conditioned to looking up for danger, the fact that they trap is suspended in the air makes them much more likely to enter the trapping area and begin feeding. Used in combination with a trail camera equipped with a cellular transmitter, the trap user will get text messages with photos of the trap when animals enter it.

Not only does this prevent the trap from being sprung on a “non-target” species, such as a deer, but also lets the user wait until all hogs are in the trap before triggering the release mechanism. With a simple push of a button on a cell phone, the trap will fall to the ground, capturing all of the hogs in the enclosure and keeping them there until the user can arrive to either dispatch or relocate the hogs.

In testing, this new hog trapping technology has been highly effective, with several captures of over 30 hogs at a time. If you’ve got a serious hog problem that hog hunting alone will not solve, this might be the solution for you.

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Boarbuster: The Latest In Hog Trapping Technology