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Latest BulletSafe Video Tests the Kitchen Sink

The Kitchen Sink
Image via Screenshot

Check out the latest BulletSafe video to see how the vest stacks up against the kitchen sink in stopping a bullet.

Bulletsafe is known for making bullet-proof vests that can and will stop bullets, and they’ve developed quite a following with their YouTube series “How Bulletproof”, where they take objects and test and find out just how bulletproof they are.

On today’s video, they decide to test their BulletSafe vest against the kitchen sink. The gun used for the test? A .50 Caliber Desert Eagle. Check out the video below to see how the test went.

Okay…so it’s safe to say that if you’re being shot at with a .50 Caliber then you’re much more likely to come out alive on the other side if you are wearing a BulletSafe vest than if you are hiding behind the kitchen sink, but you probably already guessed that.

What is interesting is the ease with which that bullet passed through all 4 pieces of stainless steel that makes up the kitchen sink! I’d like to see more testing on that…maybe find out how many sinks it would take to stop a speeding bullet.

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Latest BulletSafe Video Tests the Kitchen Sink