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Why Late Winter is the Best Time to Buy a Fishing Pole [PICS]

Late winter is the right time to buy that fishing pole.

Here are five reasons why this is the best time to head to your local sporting goods or outdoor store to get a new fishing pole.

5. Inventory clear out.

Why pay full price when the deals are waiting for you now?



4. Last year's models are your best deal.

Retailers are dumping these perfectly good fishing rods to stock the new rods that will be taking the old ones' place soon.

Photo via The Fiberglass Manifesto
The Fiberglass Manifesto


3. Cabin fever relief.

What can bring the feeling of spring and summer quicker than imagining using your new fishing rod?

20x24-pioneer-supreme-log-cabin (1)

2. Flea market finds.

Check to see what has been put out for sale due to the owners buying the latest and greatest gear.



1. Elbow Room

There is plenty of room to whip that fishing rod around in the store aisles without whipping people in a crowded store, as what happens often to us in spring.


 Get out there and do some shopping for fishing rods, you will be glad you did!

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Why Late Winter is the Best Time to Buy a Fishing Pole [PICS]