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Late Summer Muskies Are Ready to Feed

Late summer to early fall can be some of the best muskie fishing all year.

If there is ever a time to get out there and catch a trophy muskie mixed with large numbers of fish caught, late summer to early fall is the time to do it.

Muskies really start to hit the feed bag hard when water temps begin to drop down from the summer highs. Muskies tend to be all over the water column this time of year as well.

They can be found in shallow weeds, drop offs, suspended, and even on mid lake humps to rock bars. All sorts of lures are effective during late summer too, but some tend to produce better than others. No matter what you might be throwing, one thing is for certain; late summer muskies are ready to feed.

One of the most common questions asked in muskie fishing, whenever anyone talks of a fish they had follow or shows off a picture of one they caught, is simply, “What did you get her on?” During late summer, bucktails and topwaters are the number one answer.

Bucktails tend to lead the way as far as the most common bait tossed this time of year for a few reasons. The main reason being the ease of use to fish them effectively. All that is really required is to cast one out and reel it in.

muskiebladeOften times a few bulges of the blades or a few faster cranks can break up the cadence of the retrieve, and that can also generate a few strikes.

Big double 10’s seem to be very common these days and rightfully so. They just flat out catch fish.  Just like this little guy to the left caught on a double bladed bucktail from G&G Bait Company out of Indiana.

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Muskies will follow a lure more aggressively this time of year as well. In the spring they tend be more curious, over the summer they can get lazy, but late summer they are bulking up for the coming winter and looking to put on pounds.

Out of all of the fish I have caught on a figure 8, a vast majority have come during the months of August and September than possibly any other time of the year.

Have you ever caught a muskie? If so, have you ever caught one on a figure 8?

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Late Summer Muskies Are Ready to Feed