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Late Season Duck Hunting in Missouri with Cabela’s Northern Flight

Late season duck hunting in Missouri can make for some of the best waterfowling action of the season as the big northern ducks are heading south.

Check out the guys from Cabela’s Northern Flight as they get on some hot duck hunting action while providing tips for the avid waterfowler.


Some great hunting action and some key pointers give you a marked advantage. By using a jerk string and also Mojo decoys, these guys were able to attract the fowl they wanted.

This is the first season I have rigged up a jerk rig and it is paying off in a huge way on my river, lake, and marsh hunts. Just being able to give that extra motion to my spread is bringing more birds in.

I have used Mojos for years and always have two floater Mojos when hunting over water. The tip from these guys to put them slightly in the water-edge cover gives them a more realistic look, and will draw in ducks from afar with their flashing wings.

For your layout, put a tight spread of decoys fairly close to your blind, put a Mojo on each flank of the decoys, put out your jerk rig, and you will have an almost irresistible landing zone on each side for those big northern “red legs.”

Just remember to ensure you and your buddies are well camouflaged and keep a low profile. Above all, have a great hunt in those last days of the season.


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Late Season Duck Hunting in Missouri with Cabela’s Northern Flight