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Late Night Leaves This Buck In Need of a Nap

This huge buck clearly needs a nap.  Can you guess why?

We’ve all been there. We stayed out a little later than we had planned and ended up paying for it the next day.

Well, this buck clearly seems to be no stranger to a sleep hangover himself. Why do you suppose he’s having such a hard time keeping that massive rack out of the dirt?

Whether it was a late night at the bar or just flat-out insomnia, missing out on sleep is tough! With the rut in full swing throughout most of the country, we can guess the likely cause of this buck’s late night.

Bucks this time of year spend countless hours chasing does in an attempt to pass on their genes to the next generation. Depending on location, the rut can be made up of several cycles over weeks, even months!

That means there is very little time for ANYTHING else, even sleep.

So, the real question for many might be “do whitetail deer actually sleep and if so, how much?”

According to Dr. Leonard Lee Rue III in an interview QDMA, deer most often sleep with their eyes closed, but do sometimes sleep with their eyes closed, but only for a matter of minutes.

According to the article; “A typical sleeping bout includes 30 seconds to a few minutes of dozing, followed by a brief alert period, and then more dozing followed by an alert period.”

This whole cycle last for about 30 minutes.

Although it may look like this buck is simply having a hard time keeping his head up, this is a deer’s insurance for survival. As most are aware, deer are constantly checking their surroundings for danger and nap time is no exception.

We just wish someone would take watch for this poor guy and let him get a few minutes in at least.


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Late Night Leaves This Buck In Need of a Nap