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Millions of Spiders Wreaking Havoc in Memphis Neighborhood

WMC Action News 5

Talk about arachnophobia. This neighborhood has a major spider problem. 

Think you’ve had spider problems in your home in the past? The residents of this Memphis neighborhood have you beat. They’re dealing with a nearly half-mile long web that is home to millions of spiders.

WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

WMC Action News 5 reports the tiny arachnids are likely sheet web spiders, and the reason for there being so many of them bis because it’s an “emergence event,” and the spiders were likely already in the field. They are only now noticeable because of the elaborate web they’ve constructed.

Memphis zoo curator Steve Reichling told the station that the event is likely normal and a sign of a healthy ecosystem. But don’t tell the residents that!

“I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s like a horror movie. Never seen nothing like this before,” resident Frances Ward told the station.

They’ll have to wait and see if the city does anything to help them. But in the meantime, remember the movie Arachnophobia? I suggest they just call Jeff Daniels or John Goodman to come deal with the situation.

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Millions of Spiders Wreaking Havoc in Memphis Neighborhood