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The Last Pair of Socks You Will Ever Have to Buy [VIDEO]

Darn Tough is tough enough to be the last pair of socks you’ll have to buy.

Darn Tough is an American sock company that is located in Northfield, Vermont.

They specialize in socks; they’re the only thing they make at the hosiery in Vermont.

Specialize is really an understatement for this particular company though. They have mastered the sock making process and make some of the most durable socks that are sold.

Their socks are so tough that this company goes as far as to offer an unconditional lifetime guarantee. This guarantee says that no matter how old the socks, no matter what kind of abuse you put them through, no matter if it is the socks fault or not, you can pack them up, fill out a form and mail them back to Darn Tough for a new pair.

In the world of socks, this guarantee is quite a “feet.”

All jokes aside, these socks are the best deal you can get for the money. A pair of these socks range anywhere from $15 to $25, but remember it’s the last pair you will ever have to buy.

If you are interested in buying a pair of socks guaranteed for life, you can see Darn Tough’s full line of socks click here.

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The Last Pair of Socks You Will Ever Have to Buy [VIDEO]