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Last Minute Wingshooting Supplies for Under $50

These items are worth the small investment to add enjoyment to your hunt and protect your gear.

Photo by Joe Riekers
Photo by Joe Riekers

You cannot put a price on safety. Anytime an activity involves shooting firearms there is a risk to your vision and your hearing. Flying debris and stray shot pellets can easily cause major injuries to your eyes. The loud report of a shotgun quickly erodes your hearing capabilities. There are wingshooting supply products available that won't break the bank while still offering a serious amount of protection.

You can, however, put a price on your gear. Usually, it is a hefty one. With increasing firearms prices in a sagging economy and new designs coming out all the time, it is expensive to repair or replace an old favorite gun. The two biggest enemies of firearms, weather and neglect, can be held at bay with the right wingshooting supplies that provide protections.

Some of these items are interesting and some are fun but the items showcased in this slideshow are essential wingshooting supplies.

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View the slideshow to see our picks for the best last minute wingshooting gear.

Safety Glasses


These Beretta safety glasses are $22 that is well spent. Available in dark or amber colors to enhance visibility or protect from the sun. They are priceless if a stray pellet hits you in the face. These ballistic safety glasses can take the hit and will protect your eyes.

Gun Sock

Bass Pro Shops

A good gun sock will protect your gun in a vehicle or wagon when you are enroute to or traveling within the hunting field. It's like a $15 insurance plan for your gun.

Gun Protectant


At just $10 this Beretta gun oil and similar products will last for many applications. It will protect your shotgun from moisture, salt and blood.

Snap Caps

Bass Pro Shops

Snap Caps allow you to make sure your gun is empty and release the pressure on the springs at the end of your hunt or shoot. At around $10 these are worth every dollar.

Gun Wipe Glove


At just $14.95 this handy accessory allows you to wipe clean and lubricate your gun in one pass.

Chamber Flag


Everyone will feel safer and more comfortable when you are courteous enough to use this. A chamber flag lets everyone know instantly that your gun is safe. At under $10 it is a bargain.

Hearing Enhancement and Protection

Sportsman's Guide

Do you want to hear your buddies conversation, hear where your dog is and protect your hearing from gunshots? These Remington electronic earplugs do that for under $30 at Sportsman's Guide.

Liked that slideshow? Check this one out.

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Last Minute Wingshooting Supplies for Under $50