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Last-Minute Fishing Trip Turns Out to be a Big Success

In this video, the boys have to make a quick decision and have a lucrative fishing trip.

When Josh and Jon B hit the high seas of Florida in search of deep sea monsters, they find jack fish and more. Watch as they persist through the initial drought of the fishing trip and end the day on a high note.

It looked like Jon had the most luck as he landed a barracuda and a jack fish. Even though he had the most luck, Jon's excitement seemed to energize the rest of the guys on the boat. Moral was up and there were smiles all around.

Did you notice how Jon let the fish go? He was careful to make sure it was put back into the water and released safely so it could swim away in a healthy manner.

Most importantly they ended the day on a high note after catching Jon's personal best jack fishAs you can see persistence pays off, so remember when you're on a cold streak keep casting, the next one might land you a lunker.

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Last-Minute Fishing Trip Turns Out to be a Big Success