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Last Minute Deer Season Preparation for Rifle Hunters


It’s time for rifle hunters everywhere to make those last minute deer season preparations!

For many hunters, deer season seems like it will never arrive. The anticipation is enough to drive us crazy. You may have thought you were prepared, a few months ago. Maybe, you procrastinated. After all, there’s plenty of time to sight in your rifle or set up your stand, right?

Some of us find ourselves overwhelmed with work, family, or other responsibilities. Deer hunting prep gets put on the back burner. All of the sudden it (the season) is here.

Before you find yourself rushed to get everything ready, watch this quick video from Life In Farmland. It will help you prioritize your task list. Being in a hurry takes the fun out of hunting!

It starts with the basics. Make the most out of your deer hunt, by covering all the bases. What may seem like a few insignificant details, may be the difference between harvesting the buck of a lifetime or going home empty-handed.

Likely, your goal is to fill the freezer with venison. Don’t let a minor issue prevent you from doing that. Here’s hoping that this year’s deer season is the most successful one yet.

Good luck, have fun, and be safe!


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Last Minute Deer Season Preparation for Rifle Hunters