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Lasers: A Help or a Hinderance? [PICS]


Lasers can help keep your shot on target.

The laser sight: Those little devices that you can add to your firearm that will project a laser dot against your target for use as a sighting system. Such a little device can cause great consternation among gun owners.

There are people on both sides of the debate on whether or not you should ever use them. And yet while they may be the work of the devil, they can also be one of the most useful accessories on your pistol.

Why a laser is your friend-

Let’s take a look at the good side of lasers first. They can be your friend in so many ways.

First off they are great for training. Using a laser as an aiming aid will give the instructor and the student instant feedback on what the student is doing wrong. If they are pulling to the left, now we can see when that happens in the shooting process.

A laser can help with the sight alignment process. It can show you which way you are holding your sights in a particular grip. If your laser is not directly behind the front sight, you can see which way you need to adjust your grip and align the sights.

In a self-defense situation, there may not be time to align the sights properly. In low light, you may not even be able to see the sights. Using a laser lets you know you have the muzzle pointed in the correct direction and that the bullet will go into the right direction.

It is a great backup for those times where your sights are useless and you have to resort to a point shooting technique.

USA Carry
USA Carry

Why a laser is a bad thing:

Now let’s look at some of the reasons people give as to why lasers are a bad thing.

When training with a laser, you will be become too dependent on the laser and not learn to use your sights. When the laser fails, because of bad batteries or whatever, you won’t be able to transition to the regular sights.

When using a laser in the dark, you will give away your position and the bad guy will know were you are at. Lasers can work in both directions.

In a self-defense situation, a laser can get you killed. Under all that stress, you will forget to turn it on and then fiddle with it to get it to work instead of just using your sights and that can get you killed.

So should you use a laser? That is completely up to you. Just remember that you need to train with the laser correctly if you are going to use it on your self-defense firearm. But there really is no reason that you couldn’t use a laser on your self-defense firearm.

I, myself, have lasers on all my defensive firearms as a backup for low light situations if the need be. I just make sure that I train with them on a regular basis and make sure they work.

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Lasers: A Help or a Hinderance? [PICS]