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Laser-Cast Bullets: The Real Silver Bullet

There are some things that never go out of fashion.

These days some brands of bullets have become as complicated as microchips — soon they may literally have microchips in them — but do we really need them?

At its core, a bullet has a very simple job. It must fly straight and true and put a hole in what we wish it to. For this simple job, a simple bullet has long been the tool of choice. It doesn’t get much simpler than a plain old lead cast bullet.

Sure, a lead cast bullet isn’t necessarily the right choice for a lot of today’s flat-shooting fodder, but there are literally dozens of popular cartridges out there in which they work just fine.

Those of us who still like to keep things simple do a lot of business with Laser-Cast bullets. While a lead cast bullet is a marvel of simplicity, actually acquiring them can get a bit complicated. If you like to cast your own bullets, you must first locate a sufficient supply of lead and, more often than not, you’ll run out of this supply just when you’ve settled on a preferred alloy.

Some companies make fine, hard, accurate lead bullets but are aggravatingly absent from the shelf when it comes time to buy more. Laser-Cast solves all of these problems by offering a steady supply of excellent cast bullets that are always available.

Yes, even at the height of the recent bullet shortage, Laser-Cast was still taking and filling orders. How did they manage this? To tell you the truth, I’m not quite sure. My guess would be that it’s a combination of long-term planning and some sort of devil’s pact. Either way, it was nice to have an unfaltering source.

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With the exception of 30 and 45 caliber rifle bullets, Laser-Cast specializes in handgun bullets running from 32 up to 45 caliber. A small amount of silver is added to these bullets to make them harder and is the basis for Laser-Cast’s motto “Shoot the real silver bullet.”

In practice, a handgun shooter will be hard pressed to find bullets that leave less lead in the barrel than Laser-Cast’s offerings, which is always the main stumbling block with lead cast ammo.

Over the years I’ve used a variety of Laser-Cast bullets when handgun hunting and have found them to be just as effective on game as many more expensive bullets. The combination of ready availability, accuracy, low maintenance and low cost that Laser-Cast offers is hard to beat in today’s market.

All this mixed with the fact that their Keith-style bullets work well for hunting means that every handloader needs to pick up a box of the “real silver bullets” and see what they’ve been missing.

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Laser-Cast Bullets: The Real Silver Bullet