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Larue Tactical AR-15 Stays Accurate After Plane Drop [VIDEO]

Larue Tactical AR-15 rifle

To prove the accuracy and durability of their rifles, Larue Tactical recently threw one out of an airplane.

The Larue Tactical AR-15 rifle in this video stays zeroed after being dropped from an airplane. Not only does it stay zeroed, but it also shoots down a $3,000 drone in one shot. It really is an impressive display of the quality of a Larue Tactical AR-15 rifle.

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The rifle in the video is a 16” 7.62 Larue PredatOBR rifle with a NightForce 5-25 ATACR riflescope mounted on top. After the rifle was dropped (it was actually dropped from the plane twice because the first drop wasn’t caught on camera), shooter Todd Hodnett moved in. He reassembled the rifle, got into a prone firing position and took out the DJI Inspire drone hovering about 200 yards away in one shot.

After shooting done the drone, Hodnett than engaged three steel targets at varying ranges. The longest shot was 437 yards. In total, Hodnett only required four shots to eliminate all of the simulated threats.

This video only serves to display just how durable a Larue Tactical AR-15 rifle can be. Combined with a Nightforce scope, this truly is a deadly accurate weapon system. For more information on Larue Tactical, visit their website.

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Larue Tactical AR-15 Stays Accurate After Plane Drop [VIDEO]