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Lars Andersen Answers Questions about His Last Insane Archery Video

Two months ago Lars Andersen posted a video on YouTube of all sorts of insane trick shots with his bow; it has since become the most watched archery video ever.

The video obviously led to many questioning if it was real. Could someone actually catch arrows coming at them? Could someone be so accurate shooting either left or right handed? And so on.

There are some shots in the beginning, then some of his counters to criticism. Get through the historic stuff in the middle to see him shooting arrows fired towards him out of the air again at the end.

He also backs up some of the historical statements made in the earlier video, which isn’t as visually stimulating as his last release, but I’m sure those very interested in the history of archery could appreciate.

He also admits there are things he can’t do; like shooting an arrow through a ring. He’s apparently not been able to accomplish that for years. And he is honest while revealing some of his trick shots are supposed to be done in different ways, to be compared to earlier archers’ feats anyways.

Lars Andersen is undoubtedly a gifted archer and appears to have a wealth of historical knowledge on the subject. He felt the need to respond to criticism of his last video and he seems to have done so nicely.


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Lars Andersen Answers Questions about His Last Insane Archery Video