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Larry Vickers Talks Fundamentals of Long Range Shooting

Larry Vickers talks long range shooting with fellow experts and it all comes down to the basics of marksmanship.

Larry Vickers talks long range shooting with subject-matter experts who have a long lineage of sniper training and special operations experience as they go over what is required to build a good long range marksman.

According to Vickers, it is all about the basic principles of marksmanship for long range shooting. You have to get the fundamentals of breathing, sight picture, natural alignment, trigger control, and shot follow-through to become an accurate shooter.

Learn the fundamentals before you invest in all the gear invest in professional training.

Reputable trainers and academies will instill the basics and gradually move towards the technical to make you an awesome long range hunter.

For a look at a professional training package check out this link and get into the long range game.

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Larry Vickers Talks Fundamentals of Long Range Shooting