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Larry Benoit, Deer Hunting Legend, Dies at 89


Larry Benoit, one of America’s most famous and respected trophy buck hunters, died in his Duxbury, VT home on October 8th. Benoit wrote the book on patient, tech-free buck hunting and downed more than 200 of the biggest white-tail deer ever recorded.

Even as technology opened up the competitive side of trophy buck hunting, Benoit succeeded relying only on his intuition and passion to guide him through cold northern New England and Southern Canadian wilderness. His tracking skills had been passed down through the generations of his French Canadian and Iroquois ancestry.

Photo via Associated Press

Benoit began hunting in his hometown of East Berkshire, VT as a way to provide for his poor family. He never lost sight of the function of buck hunting, measuring each kill not by antler points, but by how much meat it yielded. Even as he became the most well-known buck hunter in his time, Benoit didn’t solely hunt for sport. He respected the brains and beauty of the whitetail.

“To outwit the whitetail, you must know how to locate him, how to track him and how to down him,” Benoit wrote. “It takes stamina, woods lore, deer lore and experience to win this fight.”

His book, a Tao Te Ching of whitetail hunting wisdom, was essentially a response to all the amazed outdoorsman who wondered how Benoit managed to always have big bucks hanging outside his home. To this day, Benoit is considered the first home-run hitter of Trophy Buck hunting, with people nicknaming him the “Babe Ruth for Hunters.”

Larry Benoit will be greatly missed by his family and the entire hunting community.

Was Larry Benoit the best buck hunter of all time? Let us know what you think in the comments.


Larry Benoit, “Babe Ruth for Hunters,” is dead at 89 (NYTimes)

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Larry Benoit, Deer Hunting Legend, Dies at 89