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Largest Known School of Snook Caught on Camera in Florida [VIDEO]

An anglers' paradise - snook by the thousands.

Every year from May to September, snook can be found in droves off of Florida's coast as they engage in their annual spawning event.

For the anglers of Juno Beach, this is a dream come true.

The waters off of the Juno Beach Pier are thick with fish, and it is where the largest known school of snook caught on camera was found. As they wander around the pier's pilings, they seem relatively unconcerned with the diver, allowing his camera to get some absolutely incredible shots of the egregiously enormous congregation.

It looks like one snook (around the 2:19 mark) has already escaped an angler's grasp, trailing a length of leader behind as it swims.

These toothless fish already bear the striking black lateral line, and spawning only helps to bring out the beaming yellow color of their fins. Even though the video gets a little Blair Witch towards the end, it certainly does not take away from the mind-boggling quantity of snook, and the epic video that has them on camera.

Now, who wants to head to Florida for some snook fishing?

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Largest Known School of Snook Caught on Camera in Florida [VIDEO]