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Largest Halibut in Britain’s History Has Been Caught [PICS]

Grimsby Telegraph

The largest halibut in Britain’s history is a giant fish anywhere!

An enormous halibut, considered to be the largest halibut in Britain’s history, was brought to shore from a commercial fishing boat and taken to market.

Mal Rowley, a fishmonger from the market actually took a picture of himself with the massive halibut just to show off how big it really was.


Coincidently, people who saw the fish at the market had no idea that their fish meals came from a fish as ugly as an actual halibut. In fact, this one single halibut will make up about 650 fish dinners.

“None of my customers had ever seen a fish this big because the way shoppers see fish is all portioned up in packages,” said Rowley. “No one ever actually sees the raw fish product.”

The largest halibut ever caught was over 518 pounds from Norway. This British fish is definitely one of the largest ones ever caught.

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Largest Halibut in Britain’s History Has Been Caught [PICS]