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Could This Be the Largest Dinosaur Ever? [VIDEO]


Check out what experts are calling the largest dinosaur ever, discovered last week.

To date, this is the largest prehistoric animal to ever be discovered on Earth. With a femur taller than the average person, this animal was many, many times larger than a human. Check out this video:

It took four years to fully unearth this huge dinosaur. It has been named Dreadnoughtus which means it was fearless. It is the most complete skeleton ever found of its type because 70% of its bones were found at that location.

Other contendors for the “largest prehistoric animal” have very few bones found or the bones have been lost since they were found.

This dinosaur is estimated to have been 85 feet long, weighing in at 65 tons. It is hard to imagine an animal that large these days. Even more shocking, the bones showed signed that this animal was NOT done growing!

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Could This Be the Largest Dinosaur Ever? [VIDEO]