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Largest Deer Event in Texas Coming August 7-9

Lone Star State hunters are gearing up for the largest deer event in Texas.

Thousands of deer enthusiasts from all over North America will close in on San Antonio from August 7-9, 2014 for the Texas Deer Association’s (TDA) 16th Annual Convention and Fundraiser.

The JW Marriott Hill Country Resort & Spa will host the event, which is fitting since it is built on the location of the former 10-Point Hunting Club, a hub of Texas deer hunting activity in the early 1900s. The land and the surrounding area was once leased and used for hunting as well as cattle grazing.

The Convention and Fundraiser is set up to offer education and networking amongst deer hunting industry pros.

Auctions for firearms, gear and hunts, seminars and discussions, as well as poker, washers and golf will all be on the schedule. Events for youngsters and females are planned as well.

Above all, the Convention and Fundraiser will help the TDA promote its primary mission, which involves improving access and opportunities for all Texas deer hunters. Research and technology are playing even bigger roles in the way we hunt, scout, manage and track deer herds, and the TDA is stressing that these lifelong enterprises are the main source of hope for a bright future of Texas deer.

Better policy making, regulations, and conservation efforts are supported by the TDA and its members, who offer up their time and expertise to protect and promote the industry.

In fact, the hunting industry in Texas has surpassed the state’s citrus and rice industries, which gives you an idea of the breadth and importance of organizations like the TDA.

For more information on the TDA and the 16th Annual Convention and Fundraiser, check out their website.

Have you ever attend the TDA Convention and Fundraiser, or a similar event? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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Largest Deer Event in Texas Coming August 7-9