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The Largest Big Game Fish Catches of All Time

Flickr/Emrys Roberts

Here is the (sort of) definitive list of big fishing record. These are some big game fish. 

flickr/Emrys Roberts
Flickr/Emrys Roberts

Strictly speaking, these probably aren't the largest big game fish catches. That would probably be an esoteric list of great white shark reports. They are jaw dropping though, from first to last.

Check out the slideshow to see perhaps the largest fish ever caught. 

Fraser River White Sturgeon-1,100 Pounds

Flickr/Nan Palmero

This is the kind of story that infuriates lifetime fisherman. A 65-year-old man from England takes a guided trip on the Fraser River, no prior sturgeon fishing experience, and his first hook in the water lands an 1,100-pound white sturgeon.

Giant Tigerfish- 97 Pounds

Flickr/Carnat Joel

This one was featured on Jeremy Wade's River Monsters, which is maybe one of my favorite shows (melodrama aside). The certified world record is 97 pounds, which is a little lighter than Wade's over-the-top narration led me to believe.

Taimen- 92 Pounds

Flickr/ Siberian Taimen

The Taimen may be the largest salmonid in the world, if an unconfirmed report from 1943 of a 231-pound specimen happens to be true. As it stands, the certified world record comes in at 92 pounds--just a few pounds less than the world record chinook.

Alligator Gar- 279 Pounds

Flickr/Florida Fish and Wildlife

It takes more effort than you'd think to find the official record-setting alligator gar. This is a piece of American sporting folklore, a Bigfoot of the water with the distinction of being very real and very frightening. So naturally, there are all sorts of stories claiming to have found 300 or 400-pound gar. For one reason or another, none of these were eligible for a record.

Frank Mundus' Great White Shark- 3,428 Pounds

Flickr/Lwp Kommunikáció

Frank Mundus is actually the inspiration for Quint from Jaws. He was a world famous shark hunter in his day, and his nearly two-ton great white may be the largest game fish every hooked and landed.

Brook Trout- 14 Pounds


This is far from the biggest sport fish on record, but it goes on the list because holy crap, a 14-pound brookie? Is that still a brook trout? Does it still fit in a brook?

Mekong Giant Catfish- 646 Pounds

Flickr/Lynn Chan

Scientists believe the 2005 record holding Mekong giant catfish may be the absolute largest all-freshwater fish ever caught. It's certainly the largest on record.

Swordfish- 1,182 Pounds


Another ancient record, this 1953 record may wind up standing for a century. It's on display at the IGFA Hall of Fame, if you want to see for yourself. Offhandedly, is anyone else a little surprised that this turned out smaller than the world record atlantic bluefin tuna?

Nile Perch- 230 Pounds

Flickr/Victor Ochieng

The Nile Perch is a sort of obscure species, but it's called a perch and have been landed at up to 230 pounds, which is hilarious. Some indigenous fishermen claim it can weigh up to 500 pounds.

Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna- 1,496 Pounds

Flickr/Bill Brine

When I see a tuna in this size range, my first thought is, "photoshopped." But this game fish record is validated, and it's stood for 35 years.

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The Largest Big Game Fish Catches of All Time