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Largest Ahi Tuna of the Year So Far [PICS]

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After an hour and a half long fight using 50-pound test line, this angler was able to land a 233-pound yellowfin tuna - the largest ahi of 2015 to date.

It was the last of the live bait that angler Ken Smith had on the end of his line as he, along with Captain Bobby Cherry, sat above a school of tuna near Kaiwi Point, Kona, Hawaii. His previous cast had brought in an 87-pound ahi, but they were hoping for a much more substantial fish.

Shortly after the bait hit the water, Cherry heard the unmistakable squeal of fast-stripping line, and he knew they had the big boy on the other end of the line.

The only issue in their fight with a fish of this size was Cherry's choice of tackle. Tuna are known for diving straight down in the water once they're hooked, and are one of the hardest fighting fish pound for pound.

Light line meant Smith couldn't bully the big tuna to the boat - he'd have to take his time and let the fish work, or risk breaking the line and losing it completely.


After an hour and a half, Smith's patience paid off, and he was able to successfully land the tuna.

A caught ahi can often outweigh its angler, and it looks like Smith and his fish are in that boat. Weighing in at a 233 pounds, it officially took the top spot on the Big-Fish List as the largest ahi tuna of the year so far.

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Largest Ahi Tuna of the Year So Far [PICS]