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Largemouth Bass Will Eat Anything, Even Alligators

They don't call them largemouth bass for nothing.

Any fisherman knows bass will attack just about anything, but in this video from National Geographic, we truly see how almost nothing is off the menu for the prized gamefish, including frogs and baby alligators.

This clip from National Geographic's nature documentary shows that in the Florida wetlands, the bass is higher up in the food chain than you might expect. Making use of its sharp eyesight, the bass stalks hunting ground for any meal small enough to swallow. Frogs make for an obvious target, but its more unexpected victim is a young alligator, which is quickly dragged under and devoured by the largemouth.

Baby gators, known as hatchlings, are defended in their first year or so of life by their protective mothers, but those that venture outside their parent's gaze are easy pickings for everything from birds to fish to even adult male alligators.

The young gator in this video was one such victim. Given several years, it might have grown to be the real apex predator of the Everglades. But on that day, it was just another lunch for a gluttonous bass.

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Largemouth Bass Will Eat Anything, Even Alligators