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Large Alligator Killed After Florida Family’s Dog Found Dead in Lake


Trappers catch nine foot long alligator in Florida neighborhood after family dog’s body retrieved from lake.

The hunt for a large, nine foot alligator that Florida wildlife officials believe attacked and killed a 100-pound bulldog has been captured.

The bulldog went missing from a home in the 5900 block of Kendrew Drive in the Skylake subdivision sometime last Thursday. The home with about a dozen others had direct access to the water that backed up to Spruce Creek which was known to house numerous alligators.

During the search for the bulldog the owner soon found the dog’s gruesome fate when he was spotted clenched in an alligator’s mouth.

On Monday morning the dog’s body was finally recovered by a Florida game warden after it had drifted to the shore of the lake.

Wildlife officials soon called trapper Curtis Lucas in to catch the largest gator in the lake that was the only one believed to be big enough to take down the large dog.

Curtis and his team set traps out Tuesday evening and by Wednesday had killed and removed the large male. Florida law requires nuisance gators over four feet in length to be exterminated upon capture.

Although residents were relieved he had been removed they are still taking extra precautions to ensure their dog’s don’t meet the same fate.

The alligator’s stomach contents are currently being analyzed to ensure they captured the right culprit. If it is not wildlife officials will determine if it is necessary to possibly try to remove some of the other alligators from the area as a precaution.



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Large Alligator Killed After Florida Family’s Dog Found Dead in Lake