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Landslides Close Nojoqui Falls Hiking Trail

Flickr/Magic Madzik

Landslides at Nojoqui Falls Park close a popular hiking trail, but no injuries have been reported.

Heavy rain has left the popular Nojoqui Falls hiking trail closed for the foreseeable future after multiple landslides took place earlier this week, according to reports.

A popular trail leading to a waterfall in the park has been cut off after tree branches and boulders were brought down by the landslides when they occurred around 11:30 a.m. on Dec. 3.

It was initially believed that a family of hikers were trapped behind the slides; however these first reports were false, according to the Santa Barbara County Fire Department spokesperson Capt. David Sadecki.

North County Park Operations Manager Michael Allen explained that they need to wait for the area to dry out before an assessment can be undertaken.

 Right now there’s a lot of rocks and boulders that have a potential of coming down – it’s a very steep slope.

While it’s unusual for landslides to occur in parks, heavy rainfall has saturated Santa Barbara County since late Sunday. After the first landslide, two further landslides occurred with many of the falling boulders around three feet in diameter.

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Landslides Close Nojoqui Falls Hiking Trail