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Landowner Tags: What Are They & How Do I Get One?

True, some people think landowner tags are cheating and only available for the wealthy. However, they are a viable option in many places across the country. Especially in states with elk.

Landowner tags are available to the general public because landowners can decide who they sell the tag to. It makes it a viable option if you have not been picked in the hunt lottery. That being said, it can also be pricey.

While Randy Newberg talks about western states in this video, the landowner tags are available in states like Kentucky, as well. These allow hunters who forget to register for the draw or just didn’t get drawn to have a chance at getting in on a hunt.

So, how do you find these tags? Many states post the holders of landowner tags on the website for their state wildlife agency. Many times you can also contact area guide services to get information on local landowners who have available tags.

Don’t overlook this option. Don’t write it off as too expensive. Most people never even check on pricing, they merely presume because someone else told them it was.



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Landowner Tags: What Are They & How Do I Get One?