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Landowner Criminally Charged in Cecil the Lion Case

landowner criminally charged in cecil the lion case
USA Today

The landowner of the farm in Zimbabwe where Walter Palmer’s infamous lion hunt recently took place is facing criminal charges in the Cecil the Lion case.

Honest Ndlovu, who is the landowner of the Antoinette Farm and was a key player in the Cecil the lion case, has been formally charged by the government of Zimbabwe for allowing “a person who is not ordinarily resident in Zimbabwe to hunt the said animal which was not on the hunting quota.”

Ndlovu was arrested last month and posted bail. He is due back in court on September 18, but has so far not entered a plea regarding the criminal charges.

He is not the only person facing criminal charges in the Cecil the lion case; professional hunter Theo Bronkhorst is also being charged for failure to prevent an illegal hunt. Additionally, the government of Zimbabwe has asked the United States government to extradite the hunter, Walter Palmer, to Zimbabwe to face poaching charges for the same incident.

This is just the latest development in the Cecil the lion case where Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota, killed a famous lion and ignited a firestorm in the media.

Among many other developments, this scandal caused Zimbabwe to temporarily close big game hunting for certain species and resulted in Delta Airlines refusing to ship trophies from many animals hunted in Africa.

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Landowner Criminally Charged in Cecil the Lion Case