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Lake Superior Ice Angler Lands Monster Lake Trout

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This Lake Superior ice fishing angler knows that it's only a matter of time before a giant comes up through the ice.

It's fair to say that ice fishing isn't made for the weak. Long frigid sits and slow action can make this sport not very desirable for even the most diehard angler.

As you'll see below, sometimes there is a giant upside to ice fishing.

For the serious ice fishing angler, long sits out in the harsh winter elements can be an unforgiving experience. To help combat the extreme weather conditions, check out the Fisherman's Flat, from Ice Castle Fishing Houses.

ice fishing, fishing huts
Ice Castle Fishing Houses

Designed on a single-axle frame, this fishing house can be easily transported to your favorite fishing spot with a regular truck hitch. On the inside, the Fisherman's Flat has two bunks, two cook-tops and four fishing holes. Not to mention, it also comes fully-equipped with a 20,000BTU furnace to keep you toasty on those sub-zero days.

Now that's not such a bad way to stay comfortable while out on the ice!


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Lake Superior Ice Angler Lands Monster Lake Trout