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Florida Fishing Hot Spots: Lake Okeechobee


Lake Okeechobee is the place to go if you are looking for a huge lake with plenty of fishing action.

Talk to anyone who has visited the largest lake in Florida, and they will tell you that "huge" isn't even an accurate description.

Lake Okeechobee is actually 700 square miles. That makes it the second largest freshwater lake in the United States, excluding Hawaii and Alaska.

The Lake is located west of Jupiter and bordered to the south by Clewiston and Bell Glade. Clewiston, in particular, is well known for its various resorts. The accommodations are plentiful, but plan your trip in advance, because they are often full.

If you are looking for organized fishing expeditions, Clewiston has plenty of those as well. There is nothing like having your own guide to help make your outing a successful one. Many of the guides have lived and fished in the lake for decades, so they not only can get you to the best spots, but they also get you to them at the most opportune times.

For the most highly recommended organized tours, check out Sunrise Sportfishing. They help with outfitting, charters and lessons. They are especially knowledgeable in bass fishing. Plus, they know as much as anyone about the lake.

October is a great time to set up your accommodations in Clewiston. Drop the kids and anyone who doesn't want to fish at the Annual Sugar Festival, and hit the lake in search of the bass Florida are known for. The Sugar Festival is worth checking out yourself, but only after catching a limit for the day.

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The real draw for bass this time of year is deep presentations, like Carolina Rigs and deep cranking, which may not be ideal in other parts of the country but work in Florida. If the water's clear, a pumpkin worm will work great, and if it's stained a junebug, Florida's go-to, will entice fat bass trying to get fatter for the winter.

You will quickly discover that although Lake Okeechobee is enormous, it is not deep. The normal depth is only about nine feet. Still, that is deep enough not only for fishing, but also for swimming and boating.

Add Okeechobee to your list of the places you know you're going to fish in your lifetime, because it's a worthy trip for anyone looking for great bass action.

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Florida Fishing Hot Spots: Lake Okeechobee