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Laid Back Deer Just Walks Inside Minnesota Woman’s Front Door [VIDEO]

deer in the house
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This woman is going about her business having a cup of tea, when a doe decides to let herself in!

Bet you haven’t seen this before.

Sharon Sly-Durante was sipping some Earl Grey one morning last week at her home in Henning, Minnesota.

Out of the blue, a mature doe approached Sly-Durante’s window and locked eyes with her. The woman opened the door and beckoned, and the deer obeyed. (Note: this is ill-advised.)

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The woman and her new friend wandered throughout the house; the doe even approached the grandfather clock and watched the pendulum swing. Through the living room, dining room, and den, the two roamed the house.

Sound like a fairy tale? Well, I’m going to have to burst your bubble. Without a doubt, this deer was habituated to humans.

Unfortunately for Ms. Sly-Durante, wild deer don’t just pay nice old ladies a visit for morning tea. Chances are, this deer was caught as a fawn and raised by humans or has been regularly getting fed off of her neighbor’s deck.

This is wrong all around; deer are wild animals and should remain as such. Unfortunately for this particular doe, she has been ruined for life. Once an animal becomes this habituated, it cannot unlearn such friendly behavior. Ms. Sly-Durante’s actions have only furthered the problem. The deer is now imprinted for life.

At least the drop-in visitor was polite!

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Laid Back Deer Just Walks Inside Minnesota Woman’s Front Door [VIDEO]