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When a Lady Infiltrates the Man Club

When a lady is invited to an exclusive hunting club, she damn well accepts the invitation. 

I was recently invited to a happy hour get-together. They call themselves The Man Club and I guess it fits. Their modus operandi consists of meeting twice a month at the newest, up-and-coming restaurants popping up in Austin, Texas. They sound like a lot of young professionals in Austin bar hopping, and they are. But they are also all hunters.

In addition to meeting for a happy hour to try new foods, they go on hunting and fishing trips and get together to cook their quarry. They are constantly finding places that specifically cook wild game and they share recipes when they come across them. They have fish fries and cookouts after their 60-hour work weeks at Google. The Man Club is melding tradition and modernism in the best way they can.

They have never allowed a girl to come to a Man Club meeting in the four years they have been meeting. But being hunters, and me being a writer for a hunting website, I got exclusive access. Although this may speak to the sexism that is still alive in a lot of hunting circles, this last meeting may have made them more apt to invite their girlfriends next time.

On the surface, this club isn’t more than a bunch of dudes meeting for drinks every once in a while. But the camaraderie is deeper than that, and I truly believe that it is because they hunt together. I think it was refreshing to see a group of techy, young professionals living in Austin still adhering to the tradition of hunting and caring about where their food is coming from.

Goodness knows we need more of the younger generation to get into hunting. But we also need more Man Clubs; young, successful professionals who take the time to go on a hunting trip over the weekend and have friendships revolving around wild game and good food.

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When a Lady Infiltrates the Man Club