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Ladies and Gentlemen, a Man with His Hand Caught in a Fish [VIDEO]

When this guy got his hand caught in a fish’s mouth, the only next option was to grab the camera.

It’s always a bit of a bummer when we come across a great video we know we want to share with you, but the folks in it are speaking a language we aren’t well-versed in.

Nonetheless, feast your eyes on this fish’s feast, which he’s hoping will be this man’s hand. Uploaded by the generic John Smith YouTube user name, there isn’t much description, but we’re thinking it’s a monkfish.

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Check out the video and imagine yourself in this guy’s predicament.

We were able to get some clues from the comments below the video, and one person mentioned that the guy was likely saying that the fish had claw-like teeth deep within its mouth, which were digging into the man’s hand. That had to be very painful, good to see he got free eventually.

The monkfish, or cyka (as it’s referred to in the YouTube video description), is actually known as the “poor man’s lobster,” as its meaty tail holds a similar texture with a more mild flavor.

At one point in the 90s, the monkfish overtook cod, haddock and flounder as the number one highest valued fin fish in the East.

Ever got yourself in a similar situation? Tell us about it in the comments.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, a Man with His Hand Caught in a Fish [VIDEO]