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L.A. Sheriff’s Department Crazy Trick Shot Video Made in 1938 [VIDEO]

This historical trick shot video will have you wondering just how crazy the fellas from the L.A. Sheriff’s Department were in the ’30s.

A disclaimer at the beginning of the trick shot video states that it is “intended for entertainment and historical purposes only. Content and/or training methods portrayed may no longer represent those of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.”

Watch the video to see why most of these training techniques are no longer used today.

Am I the only one who was scared stiff watching this trick shot video?

I mean, seriously, those guys were almost getting shot in the head!

Aside from all the theatrics, the L.A. Sheriff’s Department range looks like it was a pretty cool operation. Capturing the lead, remolding it, and loading their own ammunition seems like a pretty good idea and the shooting drills towards the end of the video simulate real life law enforcement situations.

I’m just glad I wasn’t the new guy at the Sheriff’s Department in 1938.

“Hey buddy, stick this chalk in your ears and go stand over there.”

No, thanks.

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L.A. Sheriff’s Department Crazy Trick Shot Video Made in 1938 [VIDEO]