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L.A. Gun Owners Required to Lock Up Weapons Under New Proposed Law

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Gun control continues to be a hot button issue in the country in the aftermath of numerous shooting incidents over the past several years.

In an attempt to protect children from the dangers of gun use, Los Angeles law makers are pushing for stricter gun storage requirements.

After a recent vote, Los Angeles City Council now requires gun owners to either use a trigger lock on their weapons or store their firearms in locked containers. Both of these precautions are to prevent gun-related child injuries.

Paul Krekorian, Councilman, told NBC Los Angeles, “It’s unacceptable to live in a country where it’s more dangerous to be a preschooler than to be a police officer.”

Krekorian’s passionate quote is supported by information from an op-ed from the New York Times which reported that, in 2013, 82 children under the age of four were killed by firearms in 2013. This is a striking number compared to the 27 police officers who were killed during the same year.

Lieutenant standing with troops holding guns on training

The law promotes common-sense gun storage, according to Krekorian, but this didn’t stop some gun owners to question the new law as they wish to maintain the right to keep their firearms close.

However, the law does provide allowances to account for situations such as gun cleaning or police officers carrying weapons at home.

Push back occurred as the Los Angeles Police Protective League requested that reserve and retired police officers be exempt to the law, but tensions eased once the allowances were put into place.

In the wake of numerous tragic shootings, the government and media continue to shift their focus towards safer gun laws. According to, 11 states have already implemented firearm storage and safety rules.

Despite the challenges posed by gun owners and the continued push from law makers for stricter gun control laws, the focus on guns and users’ abilities to properly handle them will continue to be examined.

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L.A. Gun Owners Required to Lock Up Weapons Under New Proposed Law