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You Need Kevin VanDam's Tricks for Muddy Water Bass

dirty water bass
Dean Silvester

Kevin VanDam is the greatest bass angler of all time. When he speaks, it's best you listen.

In this video, he's talking about muddy water bass.

Visibility is critical to bass but it's not nearly as important as we might think. Fish have more than their eyes to rely on. Their lateral line is used to find forage in dirty water conditions which is exactly why a bait that displaces water, has plenty of vibration and movement is important.

Using bright colors can help but, as VanDam said, it's the vibration and water displacement that really helps find bass to find the bait. Moving baits are a must. No finesse tactics here. When the water gets dirty, bass will move shallower to take advantage of any available light penetration. They'll hold tight to cover and ambush any food that can sense nearby.

Matching the size of the forage is important as well -- even in dirty water. Bass react to vibrations and movements that match what they've been eating.


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You Need Kevin VanDam's Tricks for Muddy Water Bass