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Kuiu Goes on the Last Hunt in Nahanni Butte

The guys from Kuiu embark on an epic sheep hunt in Nahanni Butte.

After years of negotiation with the government, Nahanni Butte Outfitters made a deal that allowed them to secure a new hunting area, while maintaining the rights to hunt within the National Park until the fall of 2015.

Jason Hairston and Brendan Burns of Kuiu are the last hunters allowed to kill sheep in the area. Watch the video to see how the hunt goes and why Nahanni Butte is a sacred location for hunters and the Canadian government.

Wow! What a hunt.

Although you can't hunt in the area that the Kuiu fellas did, Nahanni Butte Outfitters are going strong in their new hunting area.

For many hunters, including me, a dall sheep hunt is on the bucket list. These guys were fortunate enough to take a couple of outstanding rams in an area that will never be hunted again.


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Kuiu Goes on the Last Hunt in Nahanni Butte