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The Kodabow Takedown Survival Crossbow [VIDEO]

Crossbows are very useful, but they take up a lot of space.

Kodabow has created a takedown survival crossbow unlike anything we’ve seen before.

It disassembles down to a very small package.

The video shows the crossbow disassembled and packed into the Ruger takedown 10/22 rifle case. This is small, especially in the world of bulky crossbows. You can also de-string and re-string this recurve out in the field without any problems.

This takedown crossbow is a handy one to have on hand. In a pinch, it can fetch a tasty wild game meal without noise.

Oh yes, and it is made right here in the good old United States too. We have a winner for sure!

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The Kodabow Takedown Survival Crossbow [VIDEO]