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Koala Wrestling Should Be an Olympic Event! [VIDEO]

Ding, ding, ding! The Koala Krusher vs. Kaptain Koala! The koala bear match of the century!

Koala bears are known for their adorable, mellow character. But unknown to many is that a koala wrestling subculture exists in nature. On one man’s morning hike he encountered two of the muscular little mammals engaged in an intense, though sportsmanlike, wrestling match, complete with authentic freestyle wrestling moves. Tie ups, sprawling, head locks, arm drags and, of course, bear hugs were all employed by the two combatants.

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After what looked like a near fall moment for the challenger, the momentum shifted as the champ was suddenly thrown to his back for what appeared to be a clean 6-point fall as both shoulders were pinned to the mat…er, ground. The dog served as referee.


Judges are reviewing the tape, as the referee is alleged to have missed some possible foul play when the challenger appeared to bite the ear of the champ during his final pinning move.

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Koala Wrestling Should Be an Olympic Event! [VIDEO]