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How to Judge the Weather for Hunting

Hunting seasons can be short and in the more extreme weather conditions it is important to know when to hunt, and when to sit by the fire and sip warm hot chocolate. 

Follow these five tips to insure that you maximize your hunting time when the game is active.

1. Before you leave for the hunt, check the radar. 

This can keep down the drama of surprise weather. Getting caught in the woods miles away from help in a lightning storm or a winter blitz that will leave everything buried under feet of snow is bad for you and the hunted game. It is true right before a storm wildlife is generally really active, but know when there is danger from inclement weather before it becomes an issue.



2. If the weather is rough on you, the animals feel it too. 

This is especially true while hunting large game such as deer and small game such as squirrels and rabbits. They will bed down and ride out the storm. You would also be wise to do the same.

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3. Waterfowl hunting? They like it rough.

In the most rainy and rough weather, it appears the waterfowl love playing in the wet conditions as they are impervious to the water due to the oils in their feathers. Wear your Goretex, tough it out and get out there.

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4. Lightning or tornadoes?

Easy decision, stay home. No hunt is worth risking your life over.

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5. Read the local wildlife before and after weather events.

Knowledge of the game animals’ habits before the season even begins will allow you to choose the right time to hunt. Do your research, online and in good books, and with this knowledge you will be ready to hit the hunting season head-on and maximize your hunting time.

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Sometimes you can’t let the weather stop your outdoor endeavors. But other times, it is definitely smarter to stay home.

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How to Judge the Weather for Hunting